07 October 2010

Sonicky Trailer Goodness

A major Sonic news outlet may have already brought these to your attention, but if not, then you're in for a treat. Here are the latest trailers for Sonic Fan Remix and Sonic Megamix. I couldn't find a trailer for the upcoming Sonic Trail Mix, but trust me, it's nuts.

It's the physics that really sell it. *shot*

Elsewhere on the internet when this trailer was posted, there were inevitably a handful of comments saying how it looks better than Sonic 4. We appreciate the support, guys, but when you think about it that's really not much of a compliment.


Stop and take a second to think about the fact that that's a hack of Starlight Zone. Truly an amazing achievement. In fact, the only thing bad about it is that it makes the rest of us look kinda pathetic in comparison.

When this made the news at Sonic Retro, one comment said this: "I don't like that much the graphics design". Send your eyes back for a refund, man. Seriously.

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