21 October 2010

Sonic Fan Remix Demo Out

Sonic Fan Remix, the absolutely gorgeous fangame I've mentioned several times before, finally has a playable demo. Rejoice! And a bunch of you unbelievers thought it wasn't ever gonna be playable.

To download the demo, go to either the official site, sonicfanremix.com, or the helpfully provided mirror.

Here's a video if you wanna know what you're getting in to:

(If you're still having trouble finding a working download, check the description box to the above video at YouTube. You can also nose around in the Sonic Fan Remix thread at Sonic Retro. The discussion there is pretty lively, too.)

Now, my modesty has prevented me from pointing out the fact that I'm the programmer for Sonic Fan Remix. In fact, whenever I mention the game I tend to neglect that fact altogether. It just seemed to be kind of unfair to toot my own horn when it's the beautiful graphics that are the real heart of the game. I didn't want people who read too quickly to get the idea that I was somehow responsible for more than I actually was, which is just the programming.

However, it's probably common knowledge by now, so I'll take the opportunity to mention a few things about the physics.

There are a few minor changes from classic Sonic physics, which were intentionally made because we thought they were improvements. That said, there is still a fair number of unintentional glitches and unwanted differences. Getting everything to work accurately in a 3D environment is tricky! Rest assured, though, most of these issues are known and will be addressed in later releases. It is just a demo, after all.

But it's a damn good one! So stop listening to me ramble on and go play it already!

...Unless you're still waiting for it to download, in which case I'll happily regale you with the story of the time I was stuck in Carnival Night Zone. It was dark, there were over 8 minutes on the clock, and Tails - as usual, when things go bad - was nowhere to be seen...

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