29 October 2012

Cool Game Music

The conversation around classic video game music often centres around the usual suspects, for example the big names who were involved with the Japanese video game industry. But I like to be a little more [puts on shades]... eclectic.

Years ago a chance encounter with a demo of Shakii the Wolf got me interested in its composer, who I now know to be a member of D.A.C team, the providers of music for many DOS games out of South Korea.

In the interest of sharing my enthusiasm for these obscure but great tunes, here are links to the OSTs for a pair of those games that I ripped myself.

Illusion Blaze, a sidescrolling shmup:

Pee & Gity Special, a sidescrolling brawler:

(I may be one of the only legitimate YouTube accounts that has a dozen videos with "pee" in the title...)

There will be more forthcoming as time permits. Enjoy!

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