03 October 2011

Hack Attack (Part III)

And now for the comparison of my trophy nominations with the official winners. Why? I... I have no idea.

Hidden Palace Trophy – 1st Place
The S Factor: Sonia and Silver by Aquaslash & Pals

I had nominated S Factor as well.

Wood Zone Trophy – 2nd Place
Sonic VR by ColinC10

For 2nd Place I had nominated Sonic 2 Heroes. Sonic VR got no nomination from me, even though I liked it, because the demo was so limited. I had said "I can't in good conscience let it get high marks for what I'm hoping it will become; it must stand and fall based on what's actually been submitted this year".

Dust Hill Trophy – 3rd Place
Sonic 2 Heroes by Flamewing

For 3rd Place I nominated Sonic ERaZor.

Green Hill Trophy – Hack that plays most like a Sonic game
The S Factor: Sonia and Silver by Aquaslash & Pals

This was my choice as well.

Windy Valley Trophy – Best Art
The S Factor: Sonia and Silver by Aquaslash & Pals

Again, the same. Chaotic Street in particular blew me away.

D.A. Garden Trophy – Best Music
The S Factor: Sonia and Silver by Aquaslash & Pals
HONOURABLE MENTION – 30 Day Project: Revisited by PsychoSk8r

For this I nominated Sonic VR for it's fitting sample music, and gave 30 Day Project the runner up's position.

Palmtree Panic Trophy – Best Layouts
Untitled Sonic 2 Hack by D.A. Garden

I gave this to S Factor.

Genocide City Trophy – Most Difficult Hack
Sonic 1 Lunacy by The Masochistic Maniacs (Destructiox, SonicVaan, MarkeyJester, Selbi, Spanner)

Nothing else could have possibly gotten this trophy!

11000101 Trophy – Best Technical Hack
Sonic 2 Heroes by Flamewing

I chose Sonic 2 Heroes as well.

Knuckles Trophy – Best New Character
The S Factor: Sonia and Silver by Aquaslash & Pals – Sonia the Hedgehog

I nominated Sonia, too. I'm glad to see she won, despite the Sonic Underground hate that goes around.

Fang Trophy – Best new/modified enemies in a hack submitted
Sonic ERaZor by Selbi

This trophy matches my nomination, too.

Eggman Trophy – Best new bosses/minibosses in a hack submitted
The S Factor: Sonia and Silver by Aquaslash & Pals – Team Metallix

Again, the same.

Spindash Trophy – Best New Ability
The S Factor: Sonia and Silver by Aquaslash & Pals – Silver’s Telekinesis

I had chosen Sonia's ability to break Spikes. I found Silver to be a bit clunky.

Carnival Night Trophy – Most Innovative Feature
Sonic 2 Heroes by Flamewing – 3 Players at Once

Once more, the same.

Emerald Trophy – Best Special Stage
Sonic ERaZor by Selbi

I nominated this, too. I'm really pleased to see it win. S Factor has gorgeous Special Stages, too, but this one was SO MUCH FUN.

Robotnik’s Revenge Trophy – New Concept based on Existing Concepts
Sonic 2 Heroes by Flamewing

I had picked Sonic VR for this. Really, Sonic 2 Heroes nabbed enough awards and this should have been ColinC10's. Sonic VR is the exemplar of finding new life out of old concepts.

Casinopolis Trophy – Most Entertaining/Fun Hack
Sonic VR by ColinC10

I gave this one to Sonic 2 Heroes, because it literally did entertain me the most. The official results give it to Sonic VR, saying this: "Forty challenges await you in this year’s submission from Colin. How long will it take for you to complete them all – if you can do that." A little unfair, considering that all 40 were not implemented in the build evaluated by the contest judges!

Vector Trophy – Most Humourous Hack
Yeth by Banoon
HONOURABLE MENTION – Chip McCallihan in Sonic 1 by MainMemory

I gave this to Yeth, also. The writing in the manual pushed it over the edge for me.

WTF?! Trophy – Most Unique Hacks Submitted
Sonic the Ghosthog by Hanoch AND Sonic 1 Misadventure by Arctic Leopard


Twinkle Park Trophy – Best 3D Hack
Mushroom Zone by Dude

I didn't judge any 3D hacks.

Crystal Egg Trophy – Best 8-Bit Hack
Sonic Chaotic by Ravenfreak

This was the only 8-bit entry, winning by default.

Christmas Present Trophy – The hack that nobody saw coming
Sonic VR by ColinC10


Tails Trophy – Best Improved Hack from Last Year
Sonic ERaZor by Selbi


OH GOD WHY Trophy – Why was this submitted?
Sonic 1 Reinvented by Watsonman

I must have missed this trophy somehow, because I have no nomination for it. Sonic 1 Reinvented has zero going for it, so it certainly deserves it.

Big Trophy – Worst Hack
Latios in Sonic 3 & Knuckles by Scott4

I had picked Red the Hedgehog, with Latios as the runner up. In retrospect, it's probably better not to give Dandaman the satisfaction. =P Latios is more legitimately horrible.

That's it for now. Back into the deep I sink!


  1. Latios in S3&K was made by Scott4, not Watsonman.

    1. My bad! Thanks for the heads up. I had it right in the actual review article, but I must have messed up when copying and posting the titles.