16 June 2011


This is brief post letting everyone know that I'll be (even more) inactive here over the next weeks/months as I convalesce from surgery.


  1. Surgery?! For what? =(

  2. Nevermind, Overbound filled me in.

    Get well soon? =(

  3. Get well soon man. I'll just talk to Jupiter for a bit instead ;)

  4. Whoa, you had a surgery? I hope you get well soon, and feel better dude

  5. The surgery was for a really bad perforated appendix. Apparently I have an abnormally high threshold for pain, I thought it was just a stomach ache and only went to the ER when I stopped being about to go to the bathroom.

    After the surgery I developed an ileus, which is a common complication but required even more hospital time. (I don't have a laptop and I was too out of it to keep up with things on the net, anyway, so that's why I've been so quiet.)

    Things seem to be cleared up well, now, though, so I'll be back in action soon enough.

    Thank you everybody for your well-wishes and concern, too - I really appreciate it! I can't wait to be back on top of the game and deliver AeStHete to you guys.