04 May 2011


I've been waiting 15 years to see a screenshot like this in a magazine article about an upcoming Sonic game.

Thanks, Sega. That is all.


  1. Wow. So much for "classic Sonic wouldn't look good in 3D."

  2. Precisely. I always thought that was a silly thing for people to say, since Sonic has been 3D rendered since at least Sonic 3 (and his sprites and the zone backgrounds had an intentional faux-3D style from the very beginning, according to Rieko Kodama). Yes, some classic 3D renders were bizarre and ugly (notably the various versions of the Sonic 3D Blast artwork) but others have been stellar - from the low-poly Sonic the Fighters model to the high-poly Sonic Jam intro movie.

    He works even better than M.Sonic in 3D IMO, because M.Sonic's ridiculously elongated spines cause all manner of clipping problems (at least in the earlier games) and require him to tilt his head so far down when he's running that it looks quite unnatural.

    I remember reading that Sonic was the first three-dimensional shape to ever be trademarked, but I can't find said soundbyte from quick Googling. It would be interesting to know if that was done before or after his Uekawa-isation.

  3. I thought the same about people who had been shouting that c.sonic doesn't look good in 3d. There are some retarted fans among us sadly. It can sometimes really piss me off