01 May 2010

Sonic 1 Special Stage Editor

Updated Update! Version 1.02 is now available at the link below. I strongly urge you to download the new version, as it fixes a major bug that caused work to be lost when using Enigma compression.

Here's a little something I threw together in about 3 days: Sonic 1 Special Stage Editor, a programme that does just what its name suggests.

I needed something like this for a hack I'm making, and I thought it would be a fun challenge to throw an editor together quickly. I even gave it pretty robust Undo/Redo features, etc.



  1. i opened my sonic 1 .bin with this program, pressed decompress (also tried to not), and got a huge mess. i cant select a stage to edit, or save it properly. please help!

  2. This program can't edit a Sonic1 ROM directly. It must be used with files from a split disassembly. This is because the Special Stage layouts are compressed; any edits to them can change the length of the data, breaking many of the jump opcodes in the ROM.

    If you've never used a split disassembly to hack Sonic 1 before, Sonic Retro's wiki has a lot of great info to help you get started. (Their servers are down at the moment, but should be back up soon.)