11 April 2010

Promising Sonic Fan Games/Hacks

Sonic 4 isn't the only Sonic game on the horizon to look forward to. I thought I'd quickly run down some of the promising Sonic fan games/hacks that I'm personally anticipating. There's no guarantee they'll all ever be finished, but they're exciting nonetheless.


Sonic Boom by SÆGA

This didn't win a hacking contest for nothing! Not only is it technically impressive and face-rockingly awesome, it changes up the Sonic gameplay so much its hard to believe it's a mere ROM hack.

Sonic 2 LD by Doc Eggfan and Glitch

How can you not love this idea? The new sprites (by MoDule and tokumaru) are amazing; why Sega never took advantage of their 8-bit hardware like these guys can, I'll never know.

The S Factor: Sonia and Silver by Aquaslash

Another character hack, with fun and interesting Zone themes and good layouts. I love the music to the Zone in the video. :)

Sonic 1: Brother Trouble by MarkeyJester

Looks gorgeous, and is full of technical wizardry. Besides, I love Manic. XP

Amy in Sonic 1 and Sally in Sonic 1 by E-122-Psi

Absolutely adorable character sprites, and the promise of fully featured new movesets make these two something to keep your eye on.

Sonic 1 Alt by Ell678

Don't be fooled. This is far more than your ordinary layout hack. I don't want to oversell, but the new level layouts are outstanding. I seldom get transported back to my childhood days of playing Sonic on the Genesis for the first time, but this hack can do it.

Sonic Fan Remix by pelikan13

I think any image of this gorgeous project speaks for itself.

Well, there you have it. Sorry to all those whose hacks I didn't include - this is by no means a complete list! I'll probably run down another list in the future.

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  1. Nice post, Mercury :)

    This IS a great roster of fan games/hacks to look forward to. I love the creativity and fun that's been put into these projects (and getting to play as fave characters is also great!). Sonic is still one of the most awesome game franchises, and if we get more from fans than SEGA itself that's no big deal. I'll be happy to see these projects completed, cos I'm really itching to play them now after seeing these vids!